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Job Search & Career Management during the Pandemic

It's estimated that around 600,000 jobs will disapper from the UK payroll as a result of Cornonavirus. 

Just one of the sobering implications of the pandemic we are all living through.

And whilst we all appreciate the world of work will look very different in the future, we are not entirely sure exactly what it will look like or what that means for our careers and those who work for us.

On top of that - as the UK economy is taking a pandemic-sized hammering and budgets are tight, there are limited affordable resources to support those whose careers and jobs are affected by the indiscriminate impact of COVID-19.

Long experienced in the career market, supporting with Outplacement and Career Coaching during downturns, growth markets and transition times alike we have taken a scrutinising look at our established support packages through the COVID lens.

As a result, if you are:-

1.  An HR Director or organisation wanting to provide support to employees but without the budget for 'packages' or 'programmes'


2.  An Executive or Manager finding yourself in a job search situation (forced on you or inspired by the desire to make a change)

We have an agile and cost-effective range of solutions.  All undertaken remotely using video technology of course!

Until the end of October, we are offering:

*   Single Session Career Coaching:  The agenda for the session is flexible and totally yours.  It could focus on honing your CV, or if you prefer, be around setting career goals, or shaping a go to market strategy, or interview practice - whatever you feel will be most helpful to you.  Fo those concerned about the relevance and future of their roles in the post-COVID world, we can support you in looking at transferable skills and potential new career directions.

*   CV Writing Service:  Unlike off-the shelf, template formats widely on offer, our CVs are written by an Expert in CV development and Executive Search; following both an interview and assessment of skills and achievements.

Until October 2020, our fees for each model are significantly reduced and highly competitive in recognition of the budget pressures we are all facing.

If you think we can help and would like to find out more please get in touch with us for a free telephone consultation:

Jane Longworth, 01276 475 667 jane@hopkinslongworth.com

Sarah Hopkins, 01952 771 121 sarah@hopkinslongworth.com




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