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Candidate Experience is Now More Important Than Ever - New HopkinsLongworth White Paper Available on Request

Research into Candidate Experience by HopkinsLongworth has revealed that slow recruitment processes, poor communication with candidates and an over dependence on technology are alienating candidates.

Jane Longworth, Director, HopkinsLongworth comments, "We canvassed the opinions of our candidates about their experiences of job hunting and were surprised to find the extent to which candidates' experience and expectations are not at the forefront of recruitment processes".

"Too often there's such a strong focus from recruiters on technology and automated systems that, in many cases, candidate engagement is often overlooked.  In today's market, where employers are competing for scarce talent, it can be highly frustrating for organisations to miss out on the candidates they really want.  In our experience, proactively creating a positive candidate experience is key to securing the best talent for your business."

Candidate Frustrations

The top two candidate frustrations, as highlighted by HopkinsLongworth's research, were the slow speed of recruitment processes and a lack of feedback - aka 'The Candidate Black Hole.'  Processes seem to be taking longer, with lots of repetitive meetings and little forward planning, and candidates reported rarely getting an acknowledgement or response to their applications and having to chase for meaningful feedback following the selection processes.

In addition, technology such as applicant tracking systems and sophisticated AI algorithms - designed to aid efficiency and reduce bias for recruiters - is leading to routine and de-personalised contact with candidates.  The rise of chat-bots on careers websites and the use of video interviewing are pushing the point of human contact even further down the recruitment process.

Focus on the Candidate Experience

Sarah Hopkins, Director, HopkinsLongworth adds, "Candidate Experience is one of our core values at HopkinsLongworth; we aim to treat candidates with the same courtesy and good service as our clients.  We have always believed that communication is key; keeping candidates updated through a process, coaching and advising them and ensuring they get good feedback at the end.  We conducted the research as a 'temperature check' to ensure we remain aware of candidate requirements in order to continue to deliver an exemplary service to both clients and candidates." 

HopkinsLongworth has produced a White Paper 'Candidate Experience is Now More Important Than Ever' which details their key findings and offers top tips for improving the Candidate Experience.  To request a copy, please contact:

Sarah Hopkins on 01952 771 121 or email sarah@hopkinslongworth.com

Jane Longworth on 01276 475 667 or email jane@hopkinslongworth.com  

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