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Jane Longworth celebrates her executive coaching qualification

On a wet and windy Friday evening earlier this month, I joined a warm and welcoming group of fellow Coaches at The Royal Society for our 'graduation' from the Academy of Executive Coaching. What a spectacular venue to receive my Diploma in Executive Coaching; even if I did experience a bit of imposter syndrome in the  home of the fellowship of the most eminent scientists, engineers and technologists from the UK and the Commonwealth!!

For my Coaching colleagues and I, it was an opportunity to get together and celebrate recognition for our studies and skills development through 2018/19, plus share ideas and updates with one another. For me it was also a chance to reflect on what I've learned - the Diploma was a great opportunity to cement my Coaching skills & experience and develop the HopkinsLongworth Coaching offer. It also gave me the opportunity to become part of a team of fellow Coaches - and we continue to work and learn together.

The thing about becoming a Coach, is it's not just about one Diploma or course - it's a journey of skills & style development and you never really get to the end of it! So I'm excited to look forward to 2020 and time with my Coaching Supervisor and my Academy of Executive Coaching Alumni colleagues and our support group, because even Coaches need Coaching!

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